A primary suite with a bathroom

Ideas for Your Houston Primary Suite Renovation

Houston home remodeling can turn your primary suite into a more comfortable, functional, and personalized space. Whether you’re considering a minor update or a major overhaul, Haven Renovations can help you fulfill your vision. Our goal is to create a safe haven where you can make memories and feel the most at peace. Not only do we do kitchen remodeling, but we also work on Houston primary suite renovation. Here are some ideas to consider.

Consider a Bedroom Upgrade For Your Houston Home Renovation Project

Your sleeping area is sacred, and we want to honor that with deluxe additions to your Houston master bedroom renovation. Haven Renovations can help you reconfigure the layout to maximize space and flow while staying true to the goal: relaxation.

  • Upgrade your primary suite with new flooring, such as hardwood or carpeting
  • Choose a soothing color palette and add style using wallpaper or paint
  • Invest in high-quality bedding and a premium mattress for comfort

Luxurious Bathroom

Create a spa-like environment by using high-quality, natural materials like marble or stone for your Houston home remodeling. Your bathroom can be your own private oasis complete with fabulous, useful features.

  • Install a soaking tub or a walk-in shower with modern features, like a rain shower head or body jets
  • Upgrade you countertops, tiles, and flooring using elegant materials
  • Incorporate ambient lighting and vanity mirrors to create a soft atmosphere

Closet and Storage

Achieve your dream walk-in closet complete with built-in shoe racks, jewelry drawers, and pull-out accessory organizers. A Houston primary suite renovation is the solution to your storage problems.

  • Customize your shelving, drawers, and hanging space for all your needs
  • Add a full-length mirror and pretty lighting for that boutique feel
  • Design a sitting area with a cozy chair or a chaise lounge

Lighting Design

Good lighting not only makes a primary suite more inviting, but it also makes the room safer and more functional. Improve the mood and ambience of your personal haven by combining ambient, task, and accent lighting.

  • Place windows and skylights to maximize natural light strategically 
  • Add decorative fixtures, such as pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall sconces
  • Install an electric fireplace for added warmth and cozy lighting

Outdoor Access

One of the perks you can get from a Houston primary suite renovation is that you can easily retreat to the outdoors from the comfort of your own room. Haven Renovations can design a layout for your primary suite that gives you access to a nice view.

  • Expand your primary suite with a balcony or patio area
  • Add in greenery, like hanging planters, potted flowers, and even a small garden
  • Place furniture, such as a bistro table and chairs or a small bench

Start Your Houston Home Remodeling Project Today!

Relax and enjoy your newly renovated primary suite with the help of Haven Renovations. Our mission is to build your haven by offering personalized service, treating your home like our own, and providing exemplary lifestyle design consultation. We provide Houston home remodeling services for your entire property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Building Your Family’s Haven

At Haven Renovations, we exist to build your Haven by offering personalized service, treating your home like our own, and providing our exemplary lifestyle design consultation. We look forward to creating your haven by offering you fully-personalized service, treating your home like our own, and providing a unique lifestyle design consultation. 


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