Consulting different home design styles

Exploring Different Design Styles for Your Houston Home Remodeling

Designing your home the way you’ve always envisioned is the dream of many. It involves making choices about aesthetics and functionality to give it the perfect atmosphere. If you need help creating a unique, personalized look, Haven Renovations is here for you. We provide expert Houston home remodeling services where we consider your personal preferences, lifestyle, and functionality of a space. Learn more about the different design styles you can achieve for your safe haven.

Consider These Design Styles for Your Houston Home Remodeling


Minimalism puts focus on functionality, ease of living, and natural elements. It’s perfect for homeowners who prefer simplicity over ornamentation. If you choose a minimalist design for your Houston home remodeling, you can expect clean lines, neutral color palettes, and use of only essential items.


Contemporary is an ever-evolving design style relative to the time period. Our Houston home renovation company stays up to date on the current trends to achieve that contemporary look. We incorporate a mix of materials, textures, and shapes while still maintaining a sleek, uncluttered profile. Neutral colors are common but bold accents are added for contrast.


Traditional design is all about incorporating classic pieces, drawing influence from 18th and 19th century European aesthetics. You will see a lot of antique furniture, marbling, ornate woodwork, and patterned fabric to create a rich yet sophisticated home. Our Houston home remodeling company can help you create that timeless look that can be appreciated by generations to come.


The beauty about working with a Houston home remodeling specialist is that you can combine design styles of your choice. Haven Renovations can incorporate elements from multiple styles to fit in exactly with your needs and personality. We offer lifestyle design consultation where we get to know you so we can construct your vision into reality.


If farmhouse charm appeals to you, then a rustic design style is perfect for your Houston home. Rustic homes highlight natural materials inspired by the beauty of nature to give a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. You’ll often see wood, stone, and earthy colors. Exposed beams, reclaimed materials, and vintage furnishings are also common in rustic interiors.


Bohemian or boho chic is the best option for homeowners who are eclectic and free-spirited. We combine elements from various cultures to feature bold colors, patterns, and a mix of textures. A bohemian-inspired home encourages a relaxed and artistic atmosphere.

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Haven Renovations helps build your safe haven through our exemplary Houston home remodeling services. We exist to give you the home that you deserve, one that makes you feel fulfilled every day. We do this by providing expert, personalized service thanks to our years of experience. Treating your home as if it were our own is important to us. You can also take advantage of our lifestyle design consultation so we can truly make the most of your haven. Contact us today to get started!

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At Haven Renovations, we exist to build your Haven by offering personalized service, treating your home like our own, and providing our exemplary lifestyle design consultation. We look forward to creating your haven by offering you fully-personalized service, treating your home like our own, and providing a unique lifestyle design consultation. 


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