Houston Fireplace Remodeling

Fireplaces are a classic and timeless feature that are popular in many modern homes of today. They add an extra touch of comfort with practical heating uses you can enjoy any time of the year. Haven Renovations will help you become one step closer to building your dream haven through our expert Houston remodeling services.

Top Reasons to Include a Fireplace in Your Home

Whether you want a fireplace for function or aesthetic purposes, Haven Renovations can help you achieve your goal through our professional remodeling services. Because of today’s technology, we can install a fireplace in almost any room or outdoor area. Here are some benefits to having this cozy addition to your home.

Add Essential Warmth

Even though Houston experiences mild winters, the occasional cold days make a supplemental source of heat desirable. Fireplaces are an excellent way to heat up any room fast and keep it warm for hours. Your home will become extra cozy, making your guests and family feel more comfortable. Prevent chilly, frigid nights when you have our remodeling company install a fireplace.

Improve Ambience

A fireplace serves as beautiful decor that adds aesthetic appeal to any area. They can be installed to serve as a main focal point where your friends and family can gather around.

You can set the mood to suit any occasion, whether you want a festive setting during the holidays or a romantic ambience. By improving your home’s aesthetics with a fireplace, you’re also increasing its value on the market.

Lower Energy Bills

Fireplaces are energy-efficient sources of heat and light, helping you lower your electricity bills. During cold, drafty nights, keep your fireplace running without worrying about energy costs.

They are also easy to install, particularly electric fireplaces that don’t require venting. So instead of cranking up your home’s HVAC system, turn to your fireplace for a more cost-effective heating option.

Get a Personalized Fireplace From Haven Renovations

Our Houston remodeling company understands that every household has different needs and style preferences. We personalize our services to build a haven that is exclusively yours. An exciting part about adding a fireplace is you get to choose the design you want to suit the rest of your home. Whether you want a traditional, sleek, or modern look, Haven Renovations will plan your home improvement project and execute your vision.

Get a Lifestyle Design Consultation

Haven Renovations is dedicated to helping spaces reach their full potential through our lifestyle design consultation. We will work with you to achieve your vision while giving you advice and recommendations thanks to our years of experience. Our lifestyle design consultation is an important step because it’s useful for time management and staying within budget.

The Consultation Process

We’ll ask you to send your ideas so we fully understand your vision

We’ll discuss your lifestyle and design preferences in depth

We’ll invite you to meet the suppliers with us

We’ll make sure that we have the right materials for your needs

We’ll discuss any add-ons you may have

Install a Fireplace With Haven Renovations

When you feel fulfilled inside the home that we’ve helped you create, then we know we’ve done our job. Our mission is to build your Haven through our exemplary fireplace remodeling services. Haven Renovations provides an expert touch while staying true to your personal preferences. We treat your home as if it were our own, so we put just as much heart into it as you do. Allow us to make the most of your soon-to-be Haven until you and your family are happy.

Building Your Family’s Haven

At Haven Renovations, we exist to build your Haven by offering personalized service, treating your home like our own, and providing our exemplary lifestyle design consultation. We look forward to creating your haven by offering you fully-personalized service, treating your home like our own, and providing a unique lifestyle design consultation. 


Haven Renovations is a Houston renovation and remodeling company. What originally began as a kitchen renovation company is now committed to not only beautifying your kitchen but also ensuring your entire home is the safe haven you wake up in every day.


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